USA Wire & Cable has been stocking and distributing Okonite’s copper cable products for over 15 years in the Texas region. The products have been primarily 600 volt CLX and 600 volt MC-HL.

“We stock every AWG and MCM size available that Okonite manufactures, from 16AWG-1PR to 16AWG-36PR MC-HL Instrumentation and 14-3C to 500-3C MC-HL Control and Power sizes,” said Joe Navarro, President. “We inventory the armored product on bulk reels and are able to make specific cut lengths for the Electrical Distributors.”

Navarro says that due to the bottleneck of the supply chain and the long extended factory deliveries, Okonite has allowed USAWC to inventory additional cable types such as Instrumentation, Tray Cables, and 5KV and 15KV MV105 Power Cables.

This great relationship helps the manufacturer and the master stocking distributor get material to the NAED customer throughout the United States in a timely manner.