As a master distributor of specialty wire and cable, USA Wire & Cable, Inc. is uniquely qualified to handle any industrial projects your customers may have involving power, control, tray, instrumentation, thermocouple, armor and portable power cables.

A large portion of our service for project support normally includes some level of cable management. A cable management program can vary in scope from a simple logistics package to a highly integrated bundle of services.

As opposed to many suppliers that loosely broadcast the term cable management, USA Wire & Cable, Inc. defines in detail each possible component that can be combined to tailor a custom package for any project your customers may have.

Our package may contain any or all of the following:

  • Specification clarification and interpretation – We have many years of experience in the technical evaluation and formulation of wire and cable specifications. Since we represent a wide range of manufacturers, we can offer unbiased assistance to make sure your specifications are up to date and that the materials furnished meet or exceed your customers’ expectations. In addition, we can assist with value-added engineering with a selection of alternative constructions to decrease overall project costs.
  • Pre-purchase of bulk wire and cable for project needs – Under contract we can acquire all cable items needed for a particular project, ensuring delivery schedules can be met with no guesswork. Cable requirement changes can be accomplished seamlessly throughout the project. In most cable management scenarios, cable is not invoiced to you or your customer until it is released to the job site.
  • Storage – Cable can be stored at our facility or at or near the job site as project requirements dictate.
  • Packaging – Cable can be released in bulk reels to the job site when specific lengths are not available. Or if individual pull requirements are known, cable can be cut to circuit length, wrapped and tagged with circuit and all applicable identifying information on metal tags. USA Wire & Cable, Inc. packaging standards are the best in the industry. Your cable arrives at the job site consistently damage free and ready to use, minimizing freight claims and costly reissuing of releases and rescheduling of field resources.
  • Documentation and reporting – Throughout the project term, we keep you informed with detailed, up-to-the-minute analysis of the cable package in place for your job. By monitoring the cable down to each specific reel, waste can be minimized and usage trends can be identified so that a continuous flow of product is assured throughout the life of your project.
  • End of project disposal – At project end, remaining product in appropriate lengths can be retained in our inventory with pre-agreed-upon restocking terms. This service eliminates the common practice of job-end random sale or scrapping of leftover cable.
  • Dedicated Account Managers – An inside salesperson and an outside account manager will work together throughout the duration of the project; this allows quick communication with our internal staff.

In addition to the services above, USA Wire & Cable, Inc. can perform almost any requested task to make your projects’ wire and cable requirements flow smoothly.

Cable Management